Get Access to Private Deal Flow

The public marketplaces and brokers have many low-quality sites that are being bid on by multiple parties that drive up the place. Work with us to get access to our private deal flow.


Why work with us

Don't end up in a bidding war on a site that has been publicly viewed by hundreds of people and potential copycats. Save on broker fees while getting higher quality listings by working with the Matcha team.

Private Deals

That haven't been seen by hundreds of people. Don't end up in a bidding war against other interested parties which can inflate the price of the site. You can also stop worrying about potential copycats who like to copy existing sites.

Save Thousands of Dollars

Investors who work with us on average save more then $10,000 per transaction due to lower broker fees and lower valuations due to the Matcha's team ability to negotiate to get the best deal possible for our clients.

Curated Lists

You can avoid checking brokers everyday and having to filter through low-quality sites. We only show the best available sites to our limited amount of broker clients and curate the list to each clients' wants.

What You’ll Get By Working With Us

  • Curated list of private opportunities
  • Growth plan to turbocharge your site and help it reach its potential
  • A list of vendors so that you're not stuck doing everything yourself - from writers to link builders and more.
  •  Curated list of public opportunities
  • SOPs to help starting entrepreneurs grow their site and scale their team
  • The best available price through hard-fought negotiations. We make sure sites are valued fairly based on their potential and risk.

They Say


mohit profile picture

It's a pleasure doing business with Colin! I've done 3 deals with him and can't wait for the next!

Mohit tater