SunDoc Filings Review | Trusted Service For All State Business Correspondence

If you have decided to start a business, you probably know that there is a lot of paperwork involved in business formation. Irrespective of the state of formation, you need to complete the documentation for your business to be legally established.

The best solution will be using the business formation service. There is no shortage of LLC formation services in the market today as you can see for yourself here.

SunDoc Filings stands out among the competition as one of the most reliable registered LLC agent services, similar to MyCorporation service we also reviewed. But does it have incredible customer service? What do other customers say about it? Does it have an intuitive and easy-to-use website? 

Let's find out in this honest SunDoc Filings review, but also make sure to check out other top registered agent services.

What Is SunDoc Filings?

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SunDoc Filings LLC formation service has been in operation since 1999, and they pride in having served thousands of customers. It has its headquarters in Sacramento. You can also look at the more recently founded, but nevertheless trusted registered agents in our BizFllings review and article reviewing the Swift Filing service.

The company boasts of thousands of positive customer reviews and a positive rating which shows customers are happy with their services.

Although there is cut-throat competition in the market, SunDoc Filings has managed to stand out as one of the best companies. If you wish to designate a registered agent service for your limited liability company, SunDoc Filings will cater to your needs.

They have a reputation for being fast and efficient in LLC formation, a plus for a budding business person with no time to waste.

The company's proximity to the Capital Building ensures that businesses can get answers using US postal services.


  • The company has outstanding customer feedback. They have excellent ratings for their speed and efficiency, and they have thousands of reviews from various review sites
  • If you want to start and form an LLC in California, SunDoc Filings is a perfect pick. The company makes visits to the secretary of state in California three times a day. Thus, they can offer a 24-hour processing
  • They also have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with their services for any reason, SunDoc Filings will refund your fees


  • They don't offer registered agent services with all the payment packages. You can get other competitors offering the service for free for a whole year
  • Their basic payment package comes at $70. However, it offers very few features that will require you to do most of the stuff yourself. For instance, the package doesn't include a name availability test or preparation of formation documents

SunDoc Filings Payment Packages 

Does SunDoc Filings offer good value for their services? Even better than Inc Authority that comes with LLC formation services for free, as explained here? In addition, we also reviewed Legal Nature, which is as affordable as it gets, as well.

While it offers competitive pricing for its packages, some packages may not offer good value for the cost. For instance, it has its base rate going for $79, which is less than the cost of hiring an attorney.

However, the package doesn't include registered agent services other than competitors who offer the service for free for a whole year with a $40 package.

SunDoc offers three payment packages, including Pro, Basic, and Complete.

SunDoc Filings pricing packages

SunDoc Filings Registered Agent Service Key Features

  • Guidance: SunDoc Filings will give you all the advice you need, including the forms to order and the regulation changes
  • Affordable: SunDoc Filings services are more affordable than many other competitors in the field
  • Speed: Other LLC formation services rely on regular mail. On the other hand, SunDoc Filings is located near the Capitol building, which makes it possible for them to make several visits in a day
  • Customer service: SunDoc Filings has a good standing in the market due to its customer support. If you have any issues or questions, SunDoc Filings is ready to handle them. This gives customers peace of mind as they use the service
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The pro payment package goes for $79 plus the state fees.

What services do you get with a Pro payment package?

Filing of Articles of Organization

With the Pro payment plan, SunDoc Filings will receive your completed Articles of Organization, and they'll file them on your behalf with your state of formation.

Note, the plan doesn't include the preparation of the official documents required in the formation of your business. You have to do the hard work of preparing the documents yourself.


The Basic payment plan comes at $99 plus the state filing fee. With this plan, you get the features in the Pro payment package, plus the following features:

Preparation of Articles of Organization

With the Pro payment plan, SunDoc Filings only helps you in filing the documents with the secretary of state in your state of formation.

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With the Basic payment package, SunDoc Filings helps you in preparing the official documents to form your LLC or Corporation.

Name Availability Check

When you want to form an LLC or a corporation, you need to come up with a business name. The name should be unique and not used by any other company.

You should check out the name's availability from the official business database in your state of formation. While you can do the name search yourself, it takes a lot of effort and time, which you can use to concentrate on other aspects of growing the business.

SunDoc Filings takes care of that by offering the availability of business name-checking services. It will also check whether any other business entity has used your preferred name.


The Complete SunDoc Filings payment package will cost you $279 plus the state filing fees.

The package comes with all the features in the Basic plan, plus:

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

An employer identification number (EIN) is similar to a social security number for an individual. The EIN is used by the revenue department in your state of formation for tax identification purposes.

LLC Kit and seal

An EIN is a nine-digit code that you use in paying business taxes, hire employees, and open a business bank account.

You can get an EIN yourself from the IRS. However, with this payment plan, SunDoc Filings will get it for you.

LLC Kit and Seal

The Complete package offers you a kit and seal for your businesses, which is a symbolic feature. It contains a seal with the name of the company embossed on it. You also get a decorated seal that is customized for your company.

SunDoc Filings Customer Reviews

SunDoc Filings stands out in the customer reviews sector.

They have thousands of positive reviews from various review sites. You can find most of their customer reviews on TrustPilot, where they have a 9.6 out of 10-star rating.

Customers are pleased by the speedy service offered by SunDoc Filings and their efficiency. Customers are happy with their easy-to-use formation service.

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Rating Highlights

When looking at the SunDoc Filings customer reviews highlights, it's good to consider how the service performs in various sectors.

Such areas include:

Customer Service

SunDoc Filings boasts of 4/5 stars rating as customers are satisfied by the customer support team's general responsiveness. The team is committed to expediting all matters that you may be having. You can connect them on the phone.

Ease of Use

Although their website is not the most intuitive that you can come across, it is very informative. The registered agent service makes it effortless and seamless to make requests and fulfill them.

If you are unclear about the process, you'll have a customer support service that walks you through the journey and offers you any additional information.


Price is an essential factor to consider as you look for a registered agent service for your business. However, you should look at the price, and the value jit brings to your business. For instance, if you want an expedited registration process, you will have to pay more for it.

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However, it offers you more value as it makes the process faster.

SunDoc Filings offers various price packages, which can be more expensive than other competitors in the market. Their base rate doesn't even prepare the official documents for you, and you may not get registered agent services.

But time is crucial, especially for small business owners who are starting. Despite the higher prices, SunDoc Filings is of value due to the speed and efficiency of getting started in the business.

Is SunDoc Filings a Perfect Choice?

SunDoc Filings is an excellent choice if you are looking for a super-fast LLC or corporation formations in California. It prides itself on having thousands of positive customer reviews, which is an indication of its reliability.

If you are looking for a company with incredible customer feedback, SunDoc Filings is a perfect choice.

However, if you want a service that will save you money, you may find other services in the market that cost less. Also, you may not choose SunDoc Filings if you are looking for a service with payment packages with tons of features and free registered agent service.

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If you wish to designate a company for your LLC formation, SunDoc Filings is one of the best options in the market that you can consider. It has thousands of positive reviews, which shows customers are satisfied and happy with their services. 

SunDoc Filings offers you various payment packages to choose from depending on the needs of your business. However, its base rate package is stripped of features. You have to prepare the official documents yourself, and the company will only file them with the secretary of state on your behalf.

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