Northwest Registered Agent Review | Is It a Good Choice to Form Your Business?

The primary focus of Northwest Registered Agent is to offer registered agent and business formation services. Customer service is also a priority, with representatives all around the United States. The company commits to never selling your personal information. 

Is Northwest a good choice for forming your LLC or other forms of business? Our recommendation for forming a Limited Liability Company is to go with Northwest Registered Agent if you seek the best value and the finest customer service. In addition, subscribers of LLC University® may take advantage of a special discount from Northwest Airlines (60 percent off).

Our Northwest Registered Agent review will help you determine whether they're a good fit for your business venture.

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Northwest Registered Agent Review: A Glance at Northwest Registered Agent LLC

Northwest Registered Agent is a family-owned, non-startup, and non-legacy corporation. The headquarters of Northwest Registered Agent is in Spokane, Washington. However, the company has offices in each of the 50 states.

They've been in business for over two decades and have a solid track record. It emphasizes social interaction. You'll always reach a live customer service representative who can help. You should expect a call back within two hours if you leave a message. Visit the Northwest Registered Agent Website for more information. 

Northwest Registered Agent is an excellent deal if you only require a few basic services. There is one pricing plan the Northwest Registered Agent offers. The business costs $39 to create an LLC. You are liable for any additional state fees that may apply (e.g., $125 for Florida's 4-Day Filing Time).

Northwest charges a $225 annual registered agent fee when you pick the "Pay In Full" option for filing an LLC in your state. In addition, an LLC creation fee may be required in your state of choice after you begin creating an LLC. Although these filing costs appear to be an extra cost imposed by Northwest, they are paid to the state.

Northwest Registered Agent Review: Pros & Cons You Should Know


Instant Business Setup & Filing on the Same Day: To get your LLC up and running as soon as possible, consider using Northwest Registered Agent. Some of their premier LLC services include same-day processing, document filing, and document scanning. These are qualities that competitors lack.

Very Easy to Use: Northwest Registered Agent makes launching, ordering, and running a business a breeze. The add-ons and payment options are fully defined and set out.

Strong Privacy and Data Security: Northwest Registered Agents' policy is not to share their personal information with other parties, unlike most of their competitors. They run servers and develop code. In a nutshell, they value your privacy and security.

Trustworthy, Excellent Customer Reviews, and Highly Esteemed: The site is easy to navigate. The customer service staff know what they're dealing with and can guide you on the proper path. Northwest Registered Agent has far fewer web reviews than some of its competitors. However, most of the ones it does have are quite good.

Outstanding Customer Care & Support: Northwest Registered Agent maintains premium and responsive customer service with a team of Corporate Guides. The first person you question about intricate state requirements or LLC formation services has always been able to provide an immediate response.


Doesn't Have Strength As a Brand: Northwest is a business creation leader, although it's less well-known than LegalZoom and ZenBusiness. It lacks brand strength and awareness.

Higher/Premium Price Point: Northwest Registered Agent isn't the affordable option available if you're on a budget. Certain formation packages come at a significant price. Be aware that Northwest's price also includes the necessary registered agent's fee.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Services: What Does a Registered Agent Do?

There are few registered agent services as extensive as Northwest Registered Agents. As a result, their reputation for superior customer service is unparalleled, and clients appreciate their clear pricing and reliability.

Northwest provides fixed pricing for business creation services instead of several pricing categories with numerous superfluous extras. All of their efforts make sure you have what you want and nothing more.

An LLC or corporation's "registered agent" is only responsible for receiving and forwarding relevant legal and tax communications on behalf of the business. You can advise the agent to notify if your registered agent receives a lawsuit or other legal document.

Registering an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent is a breeze for businesses in any state. A detailed step-by-step guide is available on the official website for those who want to file. First, pay your fees, and give information about your business, such as its name, address, and phone number. Then, sit back and relax as Northwest Registered Agent takes care of the rest.

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Track the progress of your order online or via Northwest Registered Agent's email updates. Northwest Registered Agent offers two LLC-formation options. You may choose the regular formation, which covers all the fundamentals plus extras and pay beforehand. You may choose VIP service for a reasonable monthly charge for a year comprising their LLC filing service.

VIP services are included in the price. Northwest Registered Agent's VIP service allows you to outsource all your registration needs to them in one fell swoop without worrying about the financial impact. VIP doesn't contain add-ons, but it does offer the following essentials: Employer Identification Number (EIN), State Filing Fees, Banking Resolution, Registered Agent, and Operating Agreement or Bylaws.

Northwest Registered Agent services give a physical location in your state, business hours available, and process serving for your business. The free added features set them apart. Included are:

  • Annual report updates
  • Same-day local scans
  • Pre-filled state paperwork
  • Costless mail forwarding
  • Access to business services online
  • Documents scanned and stored securely
  • Support for a lifetime from professional corporate guides

Is Northwest Registered Agent the Right Choice for You?

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top LLC services online. Outstanding customer service, industry-best registered agent service, and feature-rich packages are selling points. Northwest is great for entrepreneurs that desire great customer service and no upsells.

Northwest Registered Agent should be your first pick if you care about customer service and the quality of your LLC's registered agent service. Same-day LLC filings, solid privacy precautions, and decades of expertise are guaranteed.

When comparing Northwest Registered Agent to all other LLC formation services, it falls in the center in terms of cost. The Northwest Registered Agent Services lacks the free package offered by Inc Authority. However, we suggest you also look at ZenBusiness, an affordable but still high-quality service, or our list of the best services for forming an LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent has a significant advantage over their competitors regarding the balance of forces at play. Therefore, Northwest Registered Agent is your best choice if you are looking for excellent pricing and customer service. However, Northwest Registered Agent isn't the best option for every business that wants to create an LLC.

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Here are a few circumstances where you may or may not employ their services.

When to Use a Northwest Registered Agent:

A comprehensive year of premium registered agent service, customized customer care, and reasonable fees make Northwest Registered Agent an excellent choice.

When Not to Use a Northwest Registered Agent:

You can find more comprehensive features at a lower cost elsewhere. In addition, several services have more customer feedback than Northwest. Again, if these are priorities, you might want to explore them elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

It's possible to name oneself as a registered agent. However, while it is possible to act as your own registered agent, we strongly advise that you outsource this task to a reputable and competent registered agent firm like Incfile, ZenBusiness, or Northwest.

You should be aware that doing so might lead to complications. You must receive government, tax, and legal correspondence at the address indicated by the registered agent during regular working hours. A P.O. Box address is unacceptable since it might expose your private information to the public. Therefore you'll need to provide a physical address.

Do I Need a Registered Agent for My LLC?

Hiring a registered agent is necessary to run LLCs, corporations, and partnerships. 

Several advantages arise when you employ registered agent services, including the capacity to conduct business in various states simultaneously.

Can I Set up an LLC by Myself, or Should I Hire Someone?

There is always the option to establish your LLC, and many business owners choose. However, many states have different rules and regulations surrounding the formation and maintenance of LLCs.

You must reserve a business name as a sole proprietor, choose a service agent, submit Articles of Organization, and receive an Employer Identification Number. Your state's filing requirements will determine how much time and money you'll need to form an LLC on your own.

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How Do I Keep My LLC Compliant?

In what ways can you keep your LLC or business in good standing? Ensure your firm gets off to a healthy start and remains in good standing by:

  • Filing an annual report to keep the state informed of any modifications that may have taken place.
  • Obtain a new fictional name for your business.
  • Organize the annual meeting of shareholders.
  • Determine how much money you'll have to pay in taxes.

Can I Use a Virtual Address for LLC?

A virtual business address and a registered agent address are available to any limited liability company (LLC). 

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You can use a virtual office address as your company's legal address if you're a sole proprietor, an LLC, or a corporation.

The person you name as the registered agent should have a physical address and be present during office hours to accept mail.

Who Is Northwest Registered Agent Best For?

Northwest Registered Agent is your best choice if you're searching for the right online LLC formation service. They are a reputable and well-established business with a long history of success.

Is Northwest Registered Agent Legit?

Northwest Registered Agent is legit and are the top LLC services on the market. They began offering online LLC forms and registered agent services in 1998. About 200 employees work for this company. Its website describes it as a medium-sized one run by a family. Northwest Registered Agent offers several services for entrepreneurs and company owners.

Lastly, if there are still some uncertainties left, we recommend seeking advice from other top formation services and registered agent services out there. Here are some of the most reliable:

Trusted Business Formation Services

Swyft Filings

Despite only doing business since 2015, their 100% positive reviews are speaking for themselves. Swyft Filings offers one of the best refund policies in the industry. On a bonus side the company also has no processing or cancellation fee for your refund. It is a great company to consider when looking to designate a registered agent service for your business.


BizFilings takes you through the whole process from quality check to post-incorporation and also offers on-going support. You can choose various payment plans based on the features you want and your budget. The features in the higher-end packages are also available in the lower-end packages but at an additional fee. With an A+ rating with the BBB, BizFilings is a trusted online formation service. 

SunDoc Filings

When compared to other formation services, SunDoc Filings provides volume discounts for multiple states and entities and equally amazing customer support. However, if you want a service that will save you money, you may find other services in the market that cost less. Also, you may not choose SunDoc Filings if you are looking for a service with payment packages with tons of features and free registered agent service.

Inc Authority

This is one of the most reputable companies you can pick as your registered agent service. Inc Authority has enough experience in the field, having been founded in the 1980s. Its free payment package stands out in what they offer. Loads of positive customer reviews speek for themselves how satisfied and happy with their services and their LLC formation speed their clients are. 

My Corporation

MyCorporation is known for offering a fast LLC formation process. If you wish to speed up the process turnaround time, you can use their expedited service, reducing the process from weeks to a few days, thoug for a fee. Nonetheless, MyCorporation is an excellent pick as your registered agent. It offers numerous payment packages with various features depending on your budget.