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Are you looking for the best provider of trademarks and copyrights, registered agent services, and business formation? Look no further than MyCorporation.

MyCorporation has been a provider of LLC formation services since 1995, and it has served over a million businesses. We also provide an insight into two more recently established registered agents in our BizFilings review and Swyft Filings review.

Even with the crowded marketplace, MyCorporation registered agent service has managed to stand out from other best registered agent services.

When looking for online corporation services, you should consider whether the company has excellent customer support and assistance, if the website is easy to use, and how quickly they incorporate your business. While here, consider the services of another similarly reliable agent after reading a SunDoc Filings review.

If you want to start operating online and prefer to have a professional registered agent service to handle the paperwork, MyCorporation will get the work done.

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MyCorporation LLC Formation Packages

Unlike some of the best LLC formation services that offer three payment packages, MyCorporation offers you four LLC formation services. Thus, you have more payment options to choose from. Meanwhile, some services, like the one in our Inc Authority review, offer services for free!

The payment packages offered by MyCorporation include:

MyCorporation Basic Package

The basic LLC formation package comes at $133 including the state filing fees. MyCorporation's LLC formation basic plan offers the following services:

Articles of Organization (Preparation and Filing)

MyCorporation offers you document filing services. It will help you prepare the Articles of Organization, which are the official documents needed to form an LLC.

After preparing the forms, MyCorporation will file them with your state of formation to form your LLC business.

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Business Name

MyCorporation's Basic package also includes the name availability search services. Before you can choose a unique name for your business, you should ensure it is available in your state of formation database.

MyCorporation saves you the trouble of searching for the business name by searching the state business database. They'll check whether the name is available and if any other business has used it.

MyCorporation Standard Package

MyCorporation's Standard business plan comes at $158 plus the state fees. The package includes everything in the Basic plan, plus:

Annual Report Service

MyCorporation registered agent service usually offers the annual report service at $99. However, with the Standard LLC package, you'll receive the services for free for a year.

The company will prepare, manage, and file your annual report to make sure you are compliant with the state requirements. Additionally, they offer you corporate reminder tools to ensure you don't miss any important deadlines.

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MyCorporation Deluxe Package

The Deluxe LLC package comes at $258, and it includes all the features in the Standard LLC package, plus:

One Year Registered Agent Service

The Deluxe package will include registered agent services for one year.

Every corporation operating in the United States needs to designate a registered agent service. The registered agent is an individual or entity that receives important documents, such as legal suits on your behalf.

After the year of service included in the Deluxe package plan, MyCorporation will charge $120 per year for the registered agent service, but you are in no obligation to renew the service.


Premium MyCorporation Package

MyCorporation's premium package comes at $358 per year plus the state filing fees. It includes all the features in the Deluxe plan plus the following features:

One Year MaintainMyBiz Subscription   

With the MaintainMyBiz subscription, you are allowed to order up to four more document filing services or business products over the next year.

The services or products come at no extra charge. These include:

  • Fictitious business name
  • Annual report
  • LLC operating agreement
  • Initial report
  • Amendment
  • S-Corp election
  • Foreign qualification
  • Membership certificates
depends on the state
  • Stock certificates
  • Corporate minutes and bylaws
  • Certified copies
  • Corporate seal
  • Apostille
  • Dissolution
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Reinstatement

After a year of using the MaintainMyBiz subscription, you can renew the service at $250 per year.

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MyCorporation Reviews From Customers 

MyCorporation LLC formation service boasts of hundreds of online reviews spread across various review sites. Before purchasing MyCorporation services, it will help if you can browse the reviews to see what customers feel about their services. You can check out another registered agent with outstanding customer service in our Legal Nature reviews.

MyCorporation has incredible scores on various review sites.

Clients were happy because MyCorporation processed their orders fast. Clients were also pleased with the incredible customer support from MyCorporation LLC formation company. The company performs incredibly when it comes to customer feedback.


Refund Policy 

If you want refunds from MyCorporation, you should submit the request within 60 days of service issuance. If you make the requests 60 days after the services' dispatch, MyCorporation cannot offer any refund.

In case MyCorporation cannot offer the services you request for your business, you'll get a 100% refund minus the remittance fee and bank charges.

If the cancellation happens immediately after placing the order or completing the first stage, the company will refund 25% of the total cost. The other 75% is retained as charges for advisory services.

In case the cancellation happens after the completion of stage 2.25% of the service fees is refunded. The deductions will include stamp duty and fees for services, company registration, and MCA filing fees. 

The company will provide relevant records and receipts for the payment of various fees. This will help you identify the stage of completion.


Any refund is given through the same payment method that MyCorporation receives the money. The amount received by the company in one form will only be received in the same form. For instance, if you made your payment using a credit card, you'll receive the refund using the same credit card.

MyCorporation reserves the right to reject an order without any reason. If the company rejects an order, the amount received is rejected, subject to a 10% deduction of the amount received as administration charges.


  • It has a high level of experience in formations as it has been in the field since 1998 and helped over a million businesses
  • MyCorporation boasts hundreds of positive online customer reviews with just a handful of complaints. It offers excellent customer service support
  • The company offers financial services that you may not get from other competitors. For instance, they help you with income tax and unemployment insurance for employees
  • The $158 Standard package is a big plus for the LLC formation service. The plan offers a variety of advanced features, such as the annual report service, at an affordable price
  • You can get a 50% off an LLC or incorporation filing via a coupon on the MyCorporation Yelp Page


  • Registered agent service is not available in their low-tier packages. On the other hand, most of their competitors offer free registered agent service even with basic formation service packages
  • The basic plan plus $99 shipping is a little expensive with the features it offers. You can get cheaper LLC services

Is MyCorporation Right for You? 

MyCorporation is a reliable company to work with if you want online incorporation services. The company has more advantages than disadvantages which makes it dependable.

However, there are instances where MyCorporation qualifies as the best for your LLC formation services, while in other situations, you are better off with another service.

For instance, if you want to use a formation service with outstanding customer feedback, MyCorporation may be an excellent choice. It is also a perfect pick if you want an annual report service.

In other instances, you may consider using a competitor for your LLC formation services. For instance, other competitors offer registered agent service in their packages at a lower price than what MyCorporation offers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is MyCorporation Legit?

Yes, MyCorporation is a legit company. It has an incredible track record, having been in the market since 1995 and serving millions of customers.

Additionally, they boast outstanding customer feedback from various review sites. They enjoy positive reviews on Google, Trustpilot, etc.

Can I form a limited liability company on my own?

Nothing stops you from forming your LLC on your own as long as you follow all the states’ rules and regulations. Many entrepreneurs prefer doing the process as it is cheaper than using a registered agent service.

However, doing the process on your own will involve a lot of research and paperwork, which takes a lot of time and effort. It is more convenient to use a registered agent, which is cheaper than hiring an attorney.

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Does MyCorporation allow me to reserve a business name?

The reservation of an LLC name depends on the state of formation. Most states have a way of reserving an LLC name subject to payment of a reservation fee. Reserving an LLC name is only necessary if you are not ready to start the formation process.

If you are ready to start the LLC formation process, you should jump right ahead without the need to reserve a name.

How fast does MyCorporation process the LLC formation?

How fast MyCorporation can deal with your LLC formation depends on the state of formation. In some states, the process can take a few weeks, while it will take a few business days in other states.

MyCorporation is known for offering a fast LLC formation process. If you wish to speed up the process turnaround time, you can use their expedited service, reducing the process from weeks to a few days.

The expedited service comes at an additional fee.

Does MyCorporation LLC offer any other services other than LLC formation?

MyCorporation offers additional services other than LLC formation. Such services include member and stock certificates, corporate resolutions, notary service, payroll, and certified copies.

They also offer other business filing services such as dissolutions, amendments, reinstatement, foreign qualifications, and certificate of good standing.


Does MyCorporation share your information with third parties?

Some special offers offered by MyCorporation are avenues for sharing your information with third parties.

The custom logo design, payroll processing, startup business financing, credit cards, and business insurance are some of the ways that MyCorporation can share your information.


If you want to select a company as your registered agent service, MyCorporation is an excellent pick. It offers a variety of payment packages with a range of features. You should pick one depending on the features you want and your budget.

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