Review | Do They Offer Everything You Need to Start Your Business?

After leaving your employment or liquidizing an asset to start a business, you don't want to look back or take your hands off the plow. And, that being such a bold step there, congratulations.

But, you don't want to get overwhelmed by the paperwork, licensing, taxes, and policy making. Also, you don't want to do anything wrong or have anyone with a foot in your line of interest take more money and time from you than necessary in the name of helping you. So, those could be some of the reasons you landed on

However,  before you start working with Incorporate .com, take time to grow through this review done by our LLC/corporation/Non-profit expert. What It Is and How It Works is a corporation that makes it easier to start your business. When investors get ready, provides what they need. They go beyond physical entities as they work with those seeking to make online companies.

They help investors:

  • Incorporate their LLCs, C&S Corps, EIN (Employer Identification Number), and Non-Profit. You can also become a registered service provider.

  • Stay on track (maintenance of your company). It will help create the company's bylaws, make its operating manuals, etc.

  • Select your preferred state for business location

  • Acts as a learning resource for any business you want to start. Note that doesn't offer business financial and legal advice.

Website homepage capture History and Working Experience has been in business since 1899. Attorney Christopher Ward idealized that going into business would be an easy endeavor by forming a corporation that helped other businesses start.

And it was the same idea that Attorney Josia Marvel had around the same time. So they worked separately for 20 years and joined forces to form a Corporation Service Company. CSC has operated for over a century now.

They have helped 760 000 corporations and businesses form. They still offer the same services with some name changes and an enhanced outlook.

How Works works by attracting anyone who is about to incorporate a business. It shows the investor the legal requirements of any business entry and completes the paperwork. The application process of incorporating your business with is in three straightforward steps on their website.

  1. Register

Incorporate your business by choosing the type of incorporation you want. has four options here.

  • Limited liability Company
  • C corporation services company
  • S corporation
  • Non-profit
  1. Locate

Then qualify it in the state you want its headquarters at. For this to happen, you'll identify your preferred state.

Here, will help you identify the state's business license compliance package, the taxes, state filing fees, and other business formation packages. That's possible because works with all 50 states.

  1. Maintenance Through Registered Agent Services

The Stay-On-Track package entails the maintenance of your corporation. After formation, you maintain your company.

They have a Registered Agent Service which monitors your business status. It helps you make bylaws, provides an annual report service, registers more states, and others. In addition, they'll help the business meet deadlines and highlight time-sensitive projects.

closeup of a mobile phone screen Formation Packages has three formation packages for business formation. They include:

  • The Starter Package
  • The Essentials Package
  • The Works Package

These packages have different prices, and they have different offerings. In addition, the packages have different flavors because they offer a range of services from foundational services upward.

The Starter Package

The starter package costs $99 plus $50 state filing fees. With this package, they'll form your company by completing and filing your formation documents. Plus, you can access CSC online navigation tool. But you won't have the registered agent services and the operating agreement. Therefore, this is an ideal package for business formation only.

The package comes with

  • The Completion & Filing of the formation documents. CSC submits the documents to the state for approval, and then CSC stores them online.
  • Straightforward and fast access to Final documents through the CSC online navigation tool when you need them for reference.
  • Comes with a $75,000 Corporate Compliance Guarantee except for NC residents. This guarantee helps investors be at peace and aligns with CSC's commitment to each formation's processed and quality service. In addition, it guarantees against defects and negligence that may arise from
  • Access to CSCNavigator if you choose as your registered agent. This tool helps you assess your business compliance. It alerts you on due filings, unlimited and secure document storage, the business to-do list, and an all-in-one business profile online.

CSCs Essentials Package

The Essentials package fee is $249 plus $50 state fees, $235 Registered Agent Service, and $150 Annual report service costs. The package offers all starter package features with added:

  • Annual corporate kit. It's a binder with the company name, a customized seal decorated with the company details, and sample documents.
  • Annual report. The annual report filing service fee is %150 per year. With it, you'll track due reports. Then compose and file the report to be up to date.
  • The EIN. It comes with a Federal Employer Identification Number which you'll use to hire, open a business bank account for the company, and pay taxes. This offering saves you the hassle of acquiring EIN directly from the IRS.

Works Package

The Works Package fee is $349 with $50 state fees. The Registered Agent Service is $235, and the annual report service is $150. The package comes with the Essential Package and Starter Package features and the following advantages.

  • Business License Research Package. CSC researches licenses, permits, registrations, or any other formation documents that maintain compliance with local, state, and federal governments and avail them for you to sign.
  • Custom bylaws. Customized LLC formation services like internal regulations for the day-to-day corporate operations. This package customizes your company's directors, shareholders' meetings, dates and venues, and others.
  • Customized Operating Agreements. This feature entails the internal documents that portray the managerial and financial standpoints.
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Highlights and Notable Features of

All three LLC packages have documents available online. Also, they have access to CSCNavigator, the secure online tool for securing your company documents, making complying with regulations easier.

Moreover, the CSC offers a Corporate Compliance Guarantee of $75 000, which guarantees against filing anomalies arising from However, doesn't offer CCG to North Carolina residents.

Registered Agent Services

CSC offers an annual $235 RAS fee. This feature is available for all packages, but they must pay the fee. However, the feature is not mandatory.

The fees renew annually and are not refundable. They renew ninety days before the end of the year. Therefore, before you incorporate and start working with, read its regal terms and, if need be, cancel the auto-renewal in advance.

To cancel the service, you will change the registered state agent. But in the case of dissolution, will require proof.

Speed of Forming Businesses With Review

The speed of formation of a business formation is unclear. However, gives expedited state filing and expedited FedEx shipping. Expedited State Filing fee is $25, while Expedited FedEx is $20.

ESF turnaround time is three to four business days, while that of FedEx is unclear how much sooner. But both are generally unclear.

a group of people in the office Customer Support contact information includes a phone number (855 236 4043), email support, and live chat for new or existing clients. Unfortunately, they don't specify the hours of live customer support but pledge to respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours on business days.

From most customer reviews, customer support is attentive, helpful, and detailed. However, some have given a mixed review saying they don't follow up and aren't as polite.

The User Interface has a friendly and straightforward user interface. It makes the tedious LLC formation process easy. You can easily navigate through their site. A long process like acquiring a federal tax ID number is $80 for domestic or $95 for international.

According to their website, you'll create your LLC without worrying about the business bureau, business licenses, or business taxes with the work package. Unlike other business formation services, they take care of these compliance services with a guarantee by

What Doesn't Do Well

  • doesn't warn invoice clients or warn them about billing.
  • They don't inform clients of the absence of fine print offers they sign them up for
  • Separate state fees from their actual fee may be confusing
  • Don't easily reimburse fees in case of a billing issue
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Top Alternatives for


ZenBusiness headquarters are in Texas, Austin County. It started in 2015, and its mission is to help Americans enter entrepreneurship. Their offer

  • Registered Agent services
  • Typical Legal documents
  • Business formation services
  • Creating Websites

Northwest Registered Agent

Its Local office is in Spokane, Wa. Starting in 1998, NRA is an agent & corporation services company that is family-managed and has over 200 workers. Its services include:

  • Online office services and mail forwarding]
  • Annual compliance filing
  • Straightforward and fast incorporation services
  • Registered agent services in each state

Lastly, if there are still some uncertainties left, we recommend seeking advice from other top formation services and registered agent services out there. Here are some of the most trusted:

Reliable Business Formation Services

Swyft Filings

Despite only doing business since 2015, their 100% positive reviews are speaking for themselves. Swyft Filings offers one of the best refund policies in the industry. On a bonus side the company also has no processing or cancellation fee for your refund. It is a great company to consider when looking to designate a registered agent service for your business.


BizFilings takes you through the whole process from quality check to post-incorporation and also offers on-going support. You can choose various payment plans based on the features you want and your budget. The features in the higher-end packages are also available in the lower-end packages but at an additional fee. With an A+ rating with the BBB, BizFilings is a trusted online formation service. 

SunDoc Filings

When compared to other formation services, SunDoc Filings provides volume discounts for multiple states and entities and equally amazing customer support. However, if you want a service that will save you money, you may find other services in the market that cost less. Also, you may not choose SunDoc Filings if you are looking for a service with payment packages with tons of features and free registered agent service.

Inc Authority

This is one of the most reputable companies you can pick as your registered agent service. Inc Authority has enough experience in the field, having been founded in the 1980s. Its free payment package stands out in what they offer. Loads of positive customer reviews speek for themselves how satisfied and happy with their services and their LLC formation speed their clients are. 

My Corporation

MyCorporation is known for offering a fast LLC formation process. If you wish to speed up the process turnaround time, you can use their expedited service, reducing the process from weeks to a few days, thoug for a fee. Nonetheless, MyCorporation is an excellent pick as your registered agent. It offers numerous payment packages with various features depending on your budget.

Is Good for You?

They offer many services related to incorporations and LLCs. Their website outlines the reason and the occasion their services will prove vital for clients seeking LLC services.

However, they don't have extra features and services to justify their high price tag, which seems higher than other LLC formation services.

Thus, the cost value is low compared to similar companies. But price notwithstanding, all other services have high and appealing customer reviews.