Incorp Registered Agent Review | How Does it Compare to Other Business Formation Services?

All Limited Liability Companies must appoint a Registered Agent to address various issues in the company. The RA receives critical documents like official state mails and court summons because they are the official business address for your company.

However, you can serve as your own registered agent. But hiring a registered agent service is advantageous in a couple of ways. For instance, you'll reduce the number of junk mail received and preserve your privacy because you will keep your details private.

Incorp offers Registered Agent services. Therefore, this is an Incorp Registered Agent Review to show their quality and offers.

What is InCorp?

Inscorp started to operate in 1998 and has steadily grown for over 2 and a half decades to the top four national RAS in America, cutting across the 50 states. 

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Its mission statement outlines its core values. These values include:

  • Appreciation

  • Devotion

  • Family

  • Compassion

  • Honest communication

  • Respect

  • Love

  • Teamwork

  • Prosperity

  • Positivity, and others

I found these values fundamental in working with their clients. An interesting fact about Incorp is that they currently have 120 000 active clients. Talk about expertise; this number of active clients speaks volumes about Incorp Registered Agent Services.

Incorp Registered Agent Services

Giving Legal Notices

A registered Agent provides an official business address to receive legal notices and other annual filings. They also ensure correct compliance by receiving direct notices because receiving them directly to the business or home risks misplacement.


You won't be limited to a single physical business location when you have an Incorp registered agent service. Plus, since your company complies with federal laws with their help, the company’s availability during business hours is top-notch. Clients pointed out this as a plus for the.

However, when you change the business address or location, you must update the state to keep the database up-to-date with the vital details of your business entity. So again, InCorp makes it easy for you here. 

Maintaining Privacy

Private listings make the home address used available in the public directories. Incorp registered agent service protects your privacy by issuing a different business address.

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Prevention of Corporate Identity Theft

EntityWatch ties into states' databases, giving you updated information about your entities. Thus, InCorp RA removes business impersonation because inquiries take time without an Agent.


Agents view & upload the state filings, statuses, and corporate documents, without an additional fee. The agent monitors compliance by using the Icorp Compliance Callender. Other organizational roles include:

  • Tracking forwarded emails

  • Invoice payments

  • Storage of corporate documents

An outstanding feature of Incorp RA is they don't have additional charges for these services.

Expense Consolidation for Multi-State Companies

They offer a consolidated bill for each business entity where it's hosted in each state.

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Incorp Registered Services Review

Incorp registered agent service has a diverse experience. With its primary office in Las Vegas, Incorp has entry administration, allowing clients to log in. Also, it monitors the States database using EntityWatch. Their outstanding features include:

Cost and Packages

They have reasonable prices for Registered Agent Services and LLC Creation too. They have the best-registered agent services. Its prices are the lowest compared to the three above, and they don't compromise the quality.

An Incorp Registered Agent costs $120 per year, and that of starting an LLC is $99, excluding the state fees.

For two, three, and five years, the price is $117, $105, and $87. In addition, if you made an advance Registered Agent Payment, Incorp offers volume discounts. For the two-year, 3-year, and 5-year deals, you'll save $25, $72, and $211.

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Much Experiences

They have provided services to Americans for over 2 decades since 1998. The 120 000 current active customers show the company's expertise.


They have high data security through EntityWatch to protect your LLC from data theft. But compared to, they have no guarantee that they are dedicated to offering the best. has an up to $75 000 guarantee if a mistake arises from This kind of assurance is lacking in Incorp services.

The Customer Service

Incorp customer services operate using phone 1 800 246 2677, live mail on their website help page, and live chat during business hours.

They have bilingual representatives for clients who prefer support in Spanish. Their Standard Operating Hours are 9 am to 9 pm during weekdays.

Any method you choose to contact the support Incorp services, they promise quick responses from helpful support reps. In addition, customers have shown that it has excellent customer service.

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Money Value

Their Registered Agent Service fee is lower than either of the top competitors. And they offer the same services. So why pay more and you could get the same Registered Agent Service at a lower cost with Incorp. In addition, their Registered Agent Services are top-rated.

However, the state fees differ in different states according to States policies.

EntityWatch Technology and Registered Agent Review

This Technology is an Incorp development. It ties into the state databases giving your company updated data on your business entities. Such include filing status, officers, and registered agents.

As such, their RAs are up-to-date and well advised on the technology's changes to prevent identity theft.

Moreover, by filing with InCorp services, you'll have free access to their Entity Management System to keep track of your company's compliance, storage, mail forwarding, invoice payments, and other services.

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EMS for iOS

Entity Management System (EMS) for iOS Devices enables iOS users to enjoy Incorp services. The app provides an EMS (Entity Management System) that helps iOS clients to:

  • pay business fees and invoices
  • Manage their businesses conveniently.
  • Share and view their notice process.
  • Deliver on time
  • Access the saved business documents online with their phones.

We found this feature convenient for all iOS users.

Incorp Registered Agent Service Incorporation Packages

Their incorporation price is $99 plus the state fees and shipping fees. Both add up to $117.

With an additional $18, the processing time is two days. Without this additional, it is unclear how long it will to incorporate your LLC. The additional fee is higher than the competitor's price to reduce the processing time.

Employer Identification Number fee is %69, and the annual compliance fee is $49. 

However, they offer no advisory services and no website domain and hosting.

A unique feature here is their flat charges that differ from other Registered Agent services because they have various levels of services with varying charges.

Unique LLC Formation Services

Incorp prepares AOPF (Articles of Organization & Filing). AOPF is the state-filled paperwork before starting a business.

 If you add a $6 service fee, the Domestic two-day shipment helps you upgrade overnight and fasten the processing process.

Second, you have the Naming of the Availability check, which ensures that the name you choose for the LLC is not on the official database of the target state.

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Comparing InCorp Online Client Reviews with

Incorp is among the top four choices for LLC formation services and Commercial Registered Agents, comparing their annual fees and services. What do customers say?

 Over 130 customers from BBB and Facebook show relatively decent reviews. However, they seem not spectacular. Online customer reviews show that they received quality support and that the company's website is easy to navigate.

The negative reviews mostly show difficulties with service cancelation. So here, ensure you are absolute about the service you want to receive from Incorp. However, it's the same with, which has a difficult service canceling.

What’s Not Good With Incorp Registered Agent?

  • Difficulty in Cancelling a service and the complicated process of getting a refund means you have to be sure before starting to work with them.

  • The absence of a shipping fee. Since the shipping fee is inevitable, you will incur unpredictable shipping costs, especially while shipping from a faraway place.

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Is Incorp The Best Registered Agent Service

Incorp Registered Agent Services are not the top, but they are among America's best four national registered agent services.

They are a good choice to save money and get top-notch services concurrently.

Plus, they offer attractive discounts on Registered Agent Services; they have over 150 000 active clients, excellent service, and significant positive client reviews.

Other Services by Incorp

Incorp offers other services like business formation services with an outstanding EntityWatch feature, allowing investors to track their compliance status, store corporate documents, and stick to deadlines.

  • Incorporation services. LLC formation services online include a service seal & kit

  • LLC formation service for Dummies book explaining how to form a Limited Liability Company

  • Good standing certification that shows your business is up-to-date. The certificate helps in partnerships, loans, and banking transactions.

  • Obtaining EIN. A federal tax ID is vital for staff hires open banking and filing taxes.

  • Brand registration. The brand registration fee is high. The initial application cost is $250-350. After that, Incorp helps you register the trademark with the trademark office. However, Incorp's charges are higher than others. For instance, InFile charges are lower by $399.

Lastly, if there are still some uncertainties left, we recommend seeking advice from other top formation services and registered agent services out there. Here are some of the most trusted:

Reliable Business Formation Services

Swyft Filings

Despite only doing business since 2015, their 100% positive reviews are speaking for themselves. Swyft Filings offers one of the best refund policies in the industry. On a bonus side the company also has no processing or cancellation fee for your refund. It is a great company to consider when looking to designate a registered agent service for your business.


BizFilings takes you through the whole process from quality check to post-incorporation and also offers on-going support. You can choose various payment plans based on the features you want and your budget. The features in the higher-end packages are also available in the lower-end packages but at an additional fee. With an A+ rating with the BBB, BizFilings is a trusted online formation service. 

SunDoc Filings

When compared to other formation services, SunDoc Filings provides volume discounts for multiple states and entities and equally amazing customer support. However, if you want a service that will save you money, you may find other services in the market that cost less. Also, you may not choose SunDoc Filings if you are looking for a service with payment packages with tons of features and free registered agent service.

Inc Authority

This is one of the most reputable companies you can pick as your registered agent service. Inc Authority has enough experience in the field, having been founded in the 1980s. Its free payment package stands out in what they offer. Loads of positive customer reviews speek for themselves how satisfied and happy with their services and their LLC formation speed their clients are. 

My Corporation

MyCorporation is known for offering a fast LLC formation process. If you wish to speed up the process turnaround time, you can use their expedited service, reducing the process from weeks to a few days, thoug for a fee. Nonetheless, MyCorporation is an excellent pick as your registered agent. It offers numerous payment packages with various features depending on your budget.