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How about a registered agent service that offers LLC formation services for free?

Some entrepreneurs opt to do the LLC formation process themselves because of the costs involved. As such, it will be a big plus to get a registered agent that can save you hard work and time.

Inc Authority registered agent service stands out from other top registered agent services  in the industry - reviewed here - for setting up your limited liability company (LLC) for free. Apart from the free service, the company is also reputable as it has served more than 130,000 businesses since its inception in 1989. Its longevity in the market and the ability to stand out among the cut-throat competition indicate its reliability. In addition you can check out other top-rated LLC formation services. Some of them have been around for some time, like the MyCorporation we looked into earlier, and SunDoc Filings we reviewed in this post. On the other hand, more recently founded Swift Filings here and BizFilings in this article, are also worth checking out.

In our Inc Authority review, we wanted to determine whether the company has incredible customer support like Legal Nature we also reviewed does. Is it reliable? How fast is it in LLC formation? How about its customer reviews? Are customers satisfied with what they get to give the company a positive review?

Do you want to find out if Inc Authority is the right company for you? Let's get into it.

What Is Inc Authority LLC?

Inc Authority is one of the most established companies that offer LLC formation services. The company has been in the LLC formation industry since 1989, which gives it a wealth of experience in the industry.

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Although there are other popular LLC formation services, Inc Authority stands out from its competitors due to its basic payment package. The package allows you to get LLC formation services for free as long as you pay your state fee. The company also includes a year of registered agent service for free.

The company delivers in terms of fast and reliable LLC business formation.

Apart from pricing, Inc Authority also impresses due to its great customer feedback. It has thousands of positive reviews online and a near-perfect rating score.


  • Inc Authority offers LLC formation service for free.
  • Customer feedback stands out from the rest due to its solid customer feedback. It has over 3,000 customer reviews online, and almost all of them are positive.
  • Inc Authority offers a generous pricing model. Even with the low-priced models, the company still offers a year of free registered agent service with every business formation service.
  • Sometimes Inc Authority offers a 20% coupon when you purchase some of their services that cost money.


  • The premium payment packages by Inc Authority are expensive, starting at $399. Although the premium packages are cheaper than hiring an attorney to do the LLC formation for you, they are more expensive than those of competitors.
  • The company doesn't offer refunds to clients under any circumstances. This is a significant downside as most of their competitors have a refund policy. Some even have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee where the customer receives a refund at any time, for any reason without any question.

Inc Authority LLC Formation Packages 

Inc Authority offers various packages with different features. The payment packages include:

Free Inc Authority Package

Unlike other LLC business formation services, Inc Authority offers a free package. It will cost you $0 plus the state fee. The package comes with several features, including:

Name Availability Search 

The first step towards registering your business is coming up with a business name. The name should be unique and should not be used by any other business.

As such, you need to search for the business name availability from the state business name database. This can take you time that you would otherwise use to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

Inc Authority comes to your rescue by conducting the name search and checking if any other company uses the name.

Inc Authority Free Package Offer

Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization

With the free business formation package, Inc Authority helps you to prepare and file the necessary documents. Articles of Organization are the official documents that you need to establish your LLC business.

Although you can prepare and file the documents yourself, it will involve a lot of time-consuming paperwork.

Inc Authority prepares the documents on your behalf and also files them with the secretary of state from your state of formation.

One Year Registered Agent Service

You should designate a registered agent for your business to act as the link between your business and the state. The agent receives essential documents such as lawsuits and tax forms and then forwards them to you.

Nothing stops you from appointing yourself or a member of the LLC as the registered agent. However, you may not get the professionalism you get from a professional registered agent service. At worst, you may find yourself having compliance issues with the state.

Inc Authority acts as your registered agent service for free for 12 months. After 12 months, you can renew the service if you wish at $99 per year.

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S Corporation Tax Election Form 

You can choose to categorize your LLC as an S corp for taxation purposes. If you do, Inc Authority will help you prepare and file all the required documents.

The basic payment package comes with three third-party partnership offers. These include:

  • Business checking account; this partnership is offered through the bank of America
  • Tax planning consultation offered through unnamed third-party vendors
  • Business funding analysis also offered through unnamed third party vendors
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Starter Inc Authority Package

The starter payment package costs $399 plus the state filing fees. The package comes with all the features in the Inc Authority free business formation package, plus:

LLC Operating Agreement

Although it is not a requirement in many states to file an operating agreement while filing the Articles of Organization, it is a vital document to have. The complete operating agreement outlines the ownership of the LLC, the roles of each member, etc. An operating agreement helps to avoid conflicts in the future.

Inc Authority will help you draft the important document for the smooth running of the business.

Ownership Certificates 

The registered agent service will provide a certificate of membership for all the business owners of the LLC.

Customized Seal

Inc Autority LLC formation service also provides you with a customized company seal representing how documents were authenticated in the old days. You also receive a binder to keep your business documents.


An employer identification number is like a social security number. The revenue department uses it to identify your LLC for tax purposes.

Inc Authority will acquire the EIN from the IRS on behalf of your LLC business.

You need an EIN to do tasks such as opening a business bank account, file taxes, and hire employees.

One Year Inc Protection Advisor 

Inc Authority LLC formation service also offers you customer support for advanced issues in your business entity. Such issues can range from lawsuits, business licensing, banking, payroll, and audits.

Executive Inc Authority Package

The Executive Inc Authority payment package comes at $499 plus the state filing fees. The package comes with everything in the starter package plus the following features:

Business License Report 

With the Executive payment package, you'll get to the business licensing software. The Inc Authority software helps determine the licenses and permits that your business requires, depending on the nature of the business and state of formation.

Website Domain 

Inc Authority offers your business a website domain to help you create awareness about the business online. This will help you create more leads and sell your brand, products, or services.

Tycoon Inc Authority Package 

The Tycoon Inc Authority payment package comes at $799 plus the state fee. The Tycoon comes with all the features in the Executive plan plus:

Express Processing 

With the express processing feature, the Inc Authority LLC business formation service will prioritize your order above all the others.

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BizCredit Express 

BizCredit Express software is a suite of software tools that enable you to develop your business credit. It includes the following resources:

  • Business credit coach: you get 90 days of one-on-one business credit coaching sessions.
  • Multi-Tiered Credit Building System: this helps you to build your business credit score.
  • Business Credit LaunchPad: this is a step-by-step program that takes you through the business credit development process.
  • Dun and Bradstreet Credit Bureau Registration.

Inc Authority Reviews From Customers 

Inc Authority LLC formation service has been in the LLC formation industry since the 1980s. It has interacted with and served several customers. Therefore, it is no surprise that it has thousands of online customer reviews.

Before you can settle on a company as your designated registered agent service, it would help if you checked their reviews. This will help you understand what other customers say about the company. It will paint a picture of the experiences they had with the company and what you can expect.

Most of the reviews about Inc Authority are positive reviews. Clients are satisfied with the company's services, and they also love the fast speed of LLC formation. Of course, many clients love the free LLC formation package.

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Other services that make Inc Authority stand out from the rest include tax planning consultation. Taxes are a vital aspect of the business, and you should ensure you comply with all the state's tax requirements.

Inc Authority connects you with a tax expert who will review your registered LLC business and then check the corresponding state tax requirements. The Inc Authority tax expert will also advise you on the best way to handle tax issues.


Inc Authority is one of the best companies you can choose to designate as the registered agent service. The company has enough experience in the field, having been in operation since the 1980s. It also stands out in the market due to its free payment package. The thousands of positive customer reviews online indicate that customers are satisfied and happy with their services and their LLC formation speed. It also acts as a registered agent service for your business for a year.

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