How To Complete IRS Form 3911 | To Get Your Missing Tax Refund!

The IRS has a form for taxpayers to use if they have not received their tax refund. This form is called IRS Form 3911, Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund. It serves the purpose of tracing your refund.

How to Complete IRS Form 3911? In this article, we will look at all the steps involved in completing IRS Form 3911 so as to get your missing federal tax refund.

Key Takeaways

  • The IRS has a form called IRS Form 3911, which is used when you don’t receive your tax refund. The IRS uses this form to help trace your refund and make sure it has been issued.
  • IRS Form 3911 should be filled out as completely as possible to ensure that your request for a refund trace is successful.
  • To trace a refund, you must first know the date of the original deposit plus its amount.
  • If you suspect that your tax refund has been intercepted by someone else, you should complete this form immediately.

Answer a Series of Questions

The taxpayer is required to answer a series of questions in order to determine how quickly they need to receive their refund or if it will take longer than usual.

The questions are focused on whether or not your first refund was stolen or lost, and whether there has been any change in address or contact information for the taxpayer since filing their return.

Provide your Recent Information

If the taxpayers have moved, they need to provide their new address so that their refund can be sent there instead of being held at the post office indefinitely because it cannot be delivered to an unknown address.

If there has been no change in address, then this form should be filled out so that all inquiries about the status of your refund can be directed towards you instead of going unanswered or being misdirected elsewhere.

Access the Form on the Internal Revenue Service Website

You can access this form directly from the internal revenue service website. Simply visit and search for "Form 3911" in the search bar at the top of the page. You will see a link to download this form. If you cannot find this document on their website, call them at 1-800-829-1040 for assistance.

Please Note: It is important that you use the most recent version of this form, which can be found on the IRS website. If you are using an older version, it may not be accepted by the IRS, and your request for a refund could be delayed or denied altogether.

Although form 3911 is mostly used for tax refunds, it can be used for the economic impact payment that you are missing.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Information

You need to gather all of the information that will be needed to complete the form. You will need your social security number, tax return year, and address, as well as the amount of your refund or balance due.

You also need to provide any additional information that is requested by the IRS such as bank and account number, if you received a refund check, and what happened to it.

Step 2: Download and Print IRS Form 3911

You will find this form on the IRS website. It may take a few minutes for it to download onto your computer screen. Also, indicate if you want to receive the new check by direct deposit or check.

Step 3: Fill out Section I

Fill out Section A of this form with your personal information such as your name, taxpayer identification number, spouse's name, and address. Indicate the type of refund requested; is it for individuals or business.

Step 4: Fill out Section II

In this section, you will need to indicate why you did not receive your refund. Was it lost or stolen, destroyed by fire or natural disaster, or if it was returned to the IRS because of an incorrect address on the return.

Provide your account number and name of the bank if you prefer receiving the new refund check by direct deposit to your bank.

Step 5: Fill out Section III

You will need to sign in this section.

Getting your Federal Tax Refund

If you are able to provide accurate information regarding your lost or stolen refund check, then you will be issued a replacement check once the investigation is completed.

 If your bank account was misused and your identity was stolen, then you will have to wait for the investigation to be completed before receiving any further information about your case.

Tips for Completing Form 3911 In Order to Get Tax Refunds or Missing Payment

The main reason that so many people have trouble with form 3911 is that they don't read the instructions. They just look at the form and figure out what boxes need to be filled in.

 Unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes that cause delays in your refund or even lost refunds altogether.

To make sure that you can fill out Form 3911 as quickly and easily as possible, here are some tips for completing it:

1) Use the correct form. You must use Form 3911 if you did not receive your refund

2) Complete all sections of the form. You must provide all information requested on Form 3911 so that it can be processed quickly and efficiently; otherwise, it will be rejected by the IRS processing center.

3.) Make sure your Social Security Number (SSN) and filing status are correct on the form. If you are going to mail it in, make sure your name and address on the envelope match what is written on the form as well.

4) Keep copies of everything you send in with your request for tracing refunds using Form 3911; as well as any correspondence you have with the IRS about this request. This will help avoid any confusion later on when tracking down your missing money.

5.) Write down all of the details of your missing refund — such as when it was due, what amount was expected, and if there were any errors on your return that could be related to the delay in receiving your refund.

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How Long Does It Take IRS to Process Form 3911?

You should receive your refund within 6 to 8 weeks after filing Form 3911 if there are no complications with your claim. If you have questions about the status of your tax refund, please call 1-800-829-1040 or go to

The time it takes for IRS to process Form 3911 depends on several factors:

1) If there are no errors on your return (e.g., missing information or calculation mistakes), then the IRS should be able to process your request quickly without requiring further information from you.

2) If you requested that the refund be sent to an address different from what was originally submitted with your return, there may be additional delays while the IRS verifies this address.

3) The process can take longer if there is no signature. The reason behind this is that if there is no signature, then the case will be considered incomplete and will be sent back to you for completion. Once you send back an updated copy of Form 3911 with all required signatures, then your claim will again be processed by the IRS.

4) If there is limited staffing, the process can take longer. The IRS will try to process your request as quickly as possible but may need more time if there’s a shortage of staff members available to handle your request.

Where do I send the completed IRS form 3911?

You will send or mail your completed form 3911 to where you file your return. If you live in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, or the Carolinas, use the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service Center, Atlanta GA 3991-0002. 

When should I file Form 3911?

If you have not received your refund and you know that it should have been issued, the first thing to do is check the status of the refund on the IRS website. If it shows that it has been issued, then wait for 4 weeks before filling out form 3911.

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