CharityNet USA Reviews | The Service to Go For in a Non-Profit Sector

Do you wish to form a nonprofit, but you are unfamiliar with the whole process?

If you want to follow through using a DIY route, you should follow the right process or have compliance issues later. Alternatively, you can use a nonprofit formation service. For example, for all legal documents read our LawDepot reviews.

However, with so many nonprofit business formation services online, you may have a challenge choosing one over the other. It can be tough knowing which one offers the best in terms of prices and features. It would help a lot if you could check a company's reviews online before you can choose it. Check out what other users say regarding the company and if they are satisfied with their services.

CharityNet USA is one of the most reputable nonprofit business formation services in the United States. But is it reliable? Should you use their services?

Our detailed review has the answers to all the questions that you may have.


  • Most of the competitors in the field offer a range of business services, including LLC and Corporation formation and a few nonprofit services. On the other hand, CharityNet USA focuses 100% on nonprofit formation services, which is unlike most of the competitors in the market
  • The nonprofit business formation package at CharityNet USA comes at the cost of $79. The rate is lower than what most competitors in the field charge for the same services
  • The company has been in operation since 2004 and has served more than 25,000 customers They have assisted their customers with everything related to nonprofits, including formation and grant writing. As such, they have a wealth of experience in making your nonprofit business formation stress free and professional
  • Although they don't have lots of reviews online, customers' available feedback consists of mostly positive reviews. As such, customers are happy with their experience with the company and the services they get
  • Apart from business formation and 501(C)(3) prep, CharityNet USA has more than 30 services available to nonprofits. Whether you have started your nonprofit or you have been operating for some time, CharityNet USA is a perfect choice for all your nonprofit management needs
  • The company also understands that most nonprofits operate on tight budgets. As such, they offer various payment plans to accommodate even the nonprofits with no cash


  • You can only get estimates of turnaround time via phone or email. The information is not available online, which is a significant downside
  • Some of the company's pricing models seem incomplete. For instance, you won't find any prices listed on 501(c)(3) applications

Pricing and Features

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CharityNet USA offers one flat rate for forming a nonprofit. They charge a flat rate of $79 across the board.

This may be a significant downside as other competitors offer various nonprofit business formation packages with tons of additional features.

The best thing is that if you want to get started but you are low on funds, CharityNet USA is willing to work out a payment plan for you.

The company gives you more than enough reasons to choose them for your nonprofit formation needs. For instance, they boast of more than 16 years of operation and serving over 25,000 clients. As such, their positive reviews, knowledge and experience in the field make them the ideal company to handle your nonprofit formation needs. 

Plus, their services and business marketing solutions are designed to match your small budget for nonprofit formation. They understand your budget limitations. For that reason, CharityNet USA offers you easy and flexible payment plans.

The main focus of CharityNet USA is to incorporate your nonprofit. The company guarantees the approval of your formation documents. In some instances, they can have your documents approved in your state of formation within less than 30 days.

They offer full-service documents preparation and filing services that give you peace of mind that everything is done quickly and correctly.

Additionally, if you wish to apply for tax-exempt status, CharityNet USA got you covered. They will prepare your 501(c)(3) application documents, including the preparation of complex tax forms with extensive requirements for compliance.

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The most outstanding selling point of the company is its extensive relationship with nonprofits. This gives their clients the confidence that the company can handle any issue related to nonprofits. On the other hand, if you need a registered agent to start a business, or services for LLC formation, we got you covered, too.

The nonprofit formation service can offer assistance to your nonprofit, including fundraising, grant proposals, and marketing.

How can CharityNet USA help you to get started and develop your nonprofit organization? Here are some specific ways that the company can be of help.

  • Grant writing at variable prices. You can call the company for more details
  • Corporate sponsorship packages at different prices
  • It will prepare form 990, which is the nonprofit performance review tax preparation. They charge $69 for the task
  • They also offer your nonprofit organization marketing and advertising services at variable pricing
  • You also get custom web designs. The service varies in prices, and you can call for more details
  • Strategic planning package, which includes strategy development assistance, organizational analysis, and regulatory research. The service varies in pricing, and you should call the company for more details
  • It also offers you unlimited graphic design services on retainer. The service is on a monthly contract, and it goes for $50 per day
  • CharityNet USA also offers your nonprofit comprehensive fundraising solutions. The solutions vary in pricing, and you can contact the company for more details
  • Bookkeeping and accounting services at $49 per month
  • Capacity building services and developing organizational resources at varying prices
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The company offers a lot of options that are useful for your nonprofit organization. If you are unsure of what you need for your organization, you can give them a call to inquire about your nonprofit needs.

BizCentral USA

BizCentral USA is a solutions centre for start-ups, small and mid-size businesses, and it has been in operation since 2004. The company has its headquarters at 2151 Consulate Dr, Ste 13, Orlando, Florida, 32837, United States.

BizCentral USA was born as a result of the need to help small businesses flourish. Small businesses can be overwhelmed by the administrative and compliance issues needed to get started.

BizCentral USA was the initial company that gave birth to CharityNet USA and Churchnet USA, the faith-based division of the brand.

The three brands operated under the BizCentral USA brand but marketed differently. The three brands have been merged to perform as one under the BryteBridge brand, but they are marketed differently.

The realignment helps your company to streamline its services and be clear to its clients. It helps the company explain to the clients where they can be of value as they form and grow their businesses.

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CharityNet USA Customer Reviews

Although they have served more than 25,000 customers, CharityNetdoesn't have a lot of reviews online. If you search online on different review sites, you only get a handful of customer feedback.

However, the fact that there are few complaints about the company is a big plus. Most of the reviews are positive, which shows that customers are happy and satisfied with the company's services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I form a nonprofit on my own?

Nothing stops you from going through the process of nonprofit formation alone. However, not everybody can do it. The nonprofit formation has many levels of compliance requirements which makes it one of the most complicated businesses to start.

If you take the DIY route, you may end up with a lot of compliance issues in the future, especially if you want a 501(c)(3) status.

Therefore, instead of going the DIY route, it will be best to look for an affordable nonprofit formation service to take you through the process.

Is CharityNet USA a good choice for a nonprofit formation service?

If you wish to designate a nonprofit formation service for your organization, CharityNet USA will be a perfect pick. The company has been in operation since 2004 and has interacted with more than 25,000 clients. As such, it has the knowledge and experience to deal with any issues related to nonprofits.

Additionally, it is an excellent choice if you are working on a tight budget. Through the experience for the extended period, the company understands the budget limitations one can have. As such, you can work out a payment plan for your fees so that you don't have to pay for everything at once.

CharityNet USA assures you that your nonprofit formation documents will be approved. In some states, approval can take less than 30 days.

The only downside about CharityNet USA is that you can only find them on the phone or by mail. It would be better to have an online live chat or online services to make the process faster and more convenient.

Is CharityNet USA secure?

As you decide on a nonprofit formation service, it's vital to consider whether your personal information and other details are secure.

With CharityNet USA, only a few of the employees can see your personal information, which ensures your privacy.

Additionally, all the data is transferred using encrypted and secure channels. GoDaddy Verify Security secures the CharityNet USA website.

Does the company offer on-going support?

CharityNet USA is the right company for you whether you are starting up a nonprofit or you have been operating for years.

It makes the process of starting the organization seamless and effortless while coming up with activities such as fundraising, etc.


If you want to start a nonprofit organization, you can do the formation process yourself. However, this may result in compliance issues, especially if you are not familiar with the legalities involved. 

As such, it will be best to use a nonprofit formation service such as CharityNet USA. The company has the necessary knowledge and experience to give you peace of mind as they handle the process on your behalf. It is also one of the best companies to work with if you are working on a tight budget. 

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