Best PayPal Alternative | What Are the Other Popular Payment Processors?

PayPal Alternative

With more than 20 years of experience managing online payments, PayPal is a popular choice for businesses everywhere. It boasts robust features that allow business owners to make the most of processing payments from customers.At present, there are hundreds of millions of active users. As such, it’s unlikely that PayPal is going anywhere anytime soon. … Read more

How to Start a Business In Florida | 8-Point Checklist to Help You With the Process

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Florida is home to many major corporations as well as small businesses. Startup activity is strong in Florida, with a higher-than-average percentage of its population becoming entrepreneurs. Startups have also proven to be especially fruitful in job creation, with 6.41 jobs being generated by each startup. In fact, according to a recent study, Florida ranked … Read more

How To Start a Business | A Full Guide With Actionable Steps to Take

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You don’t have to start with a completely clean slate to be an entrepreneur. Buying an existing business, in fact, has some notable advantages over starting a business from scratch. When you buy an existing business you’re taking over an operation that’s already generating cash flow, so it can be inherently less risky than starting … Read more

Do I Need A Business License In My State? | Various Regulations Across the USA

Every state is different in how business licenses are handled. While it’s true that most businesses will need a license to legally operate in their established state, it’s important to understand the differences between each state.In states that don’t require a business license, there are still requirements that must be adhered to. Explore each of … Read more

How Sole Proprietors Are Taxed | Guide to Which Taxes You Need to Pay, Forms to Fill Out & Potential Deductions

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It’s that time of year again: tax time. Many things have changed in the past year, perhaps one of them being your employment status. If you’ve recently become a sole proprietor, you may be totally confused and overwhelmed by the prospect of filling out your taxes. However, dealing with taxes as a sole proprietor doesn’t … Read more

How To Incorporate | The Rules and Regulations You Need to Be Aware Of

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If you are interested in incorporating your business, you may anticipate it to be a challenging, time-consuming process. While it’s true that each state has different rules and regulations for incorporating a business, the basic outline is the same.We’ve spoken before about the specifics among each state, so we won’t go into that here. But … Read more

7 Reasons To Start An Online Business | We Compiled a List of Benefits of Internet-based Entrepreneurship

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Owning and operating an online business is no cake walk just because it’s online but the benefits it offers entrepreneurs are appealing for many reasons. For starters, there is no one to answer to except yourself and you have the ability to earn unlimited income to name a few. If you’re debating whether to start … Read more