How to Start a Delivery Business | Everything You Need to Know

Man delivering a smiling woman a box

Smartphones and online shopping have changed the landscape of delivery businesses significantly. Therefore, starting a niche now can give you a leg up. Also, getting late to the market will shrink your opportunity due to increased competition from established brands. For instance, in 2018, UPS failed to buy the struggling US postal service, its main competitor. … Read more

How to Start a Bed and Breakfast Business | A Complete Guide for Your New Venture

Bed and Breakfast window

It’s always been your most prominent dream: you want to start a bed and breakfast business in an exquisite environment. You enjoy interacting with new people every day.That’s an exciting way to beat your dull day job. Running a bed and breakfast business is a great experience. It is a highly profitable venture under the right … Read more

How to Start a Real Estate Business | Steps, Requirements, Risks and Rewards

House on sale

If you don’t mind the work and responsibility that come with building your own business, the real estate industry might be the perfect investment vehicle for you. Learning how to start a real estate business can seem daunting, but it’s easier than you might think.However, you’ll need to follow state and local regulations for both … Read more

Food Truck Business Plan | Detailed Guidelines to Follow So You Don’t Fail From the Start

food truck

The majority of food truck owners are first-time entrepreneurs seeking to establish successful small companies by doing what they love: providing delicious food. However, transforming a food truck business plan or concept of meeting the public where they dine into a legitimate mobile cafe is no easy feat. The top food truck operations hallmarks are innovative … Read more

Starting a Photography Business | Actionable Steps on the Road to Success

A photographer

The idea of being an entrepreneur is attractive, and it seems everyone is eager to start some business. These days, startup trends are constantly buzzing, and the photography industry is no exception. However, just like any other business, starting a photography business is hard, but the rewards are sure. Luckily, you don’t need huge startup experience … Read more

SBA Loan Rates | A Detailed Guide to Benefits of Loans Backed by the Government

SBA loan document

In the eyes of many small businesses, loans backed by the government are the gold standard to achieve. Loans from the Small Business Administration tend to offer the best rates and terms when compared to non government-backed business loans, especially ones from alternative lenders. However, qualifying, applying and getting accepted for an SBA loan or … Read more