Tax Classification for LLC | Our Full Guide to Ways of Being Taxed by the IRS

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LLC is a business structure that’s popular with small-business owners. An LLC offers the benefits of a corporation (separation of personal assets from business assets) without the corporate formalities (such as holding annual meetings and keeping detailed records). What about the tax classification for LLC? Key TakeawaysAn LLC tax classification determines how the company will … Read more

LLC vs S Corp in California | Which Is Better for Your Business Needs?

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LLC vs S Corp California: what is their difference? In this guide, we’ll compare LLCs and S corporations from a California perspective to help you decide which option is best for your business. Key TakeawaysLLC is easier and cheaper to set up than S Corporation.LLC owners must pay self-employment taxes for all income. S corp … Read more

Severance Agreement | Understand Your Compensation Package in Case of Employment Termination

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Some job applicants may be able to get a better deal on their wages and benefits once they land the job. However, some may not recognize how to negotiate such benefits while leaving. It is common for employers to provide a severance agreement that specifies the financial terms under which an employee might depart.Severance agreements … Read more

Employee Contract Agreement | Guide to All the Points You Need to Include

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An employment contract formalizes the employer-employee relationship. In addition, an employment contract ensures that all parties know their respective obligations, roles, and responsibilities. Therefore, there should be a written agreement outlining the employment terms for all parties involved (employer and employee).When you hire a new employee, you may use an employment contract template to ensure … Read more

Joint Venture Agreement | How to Tailor This Important Business Document

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You could have successfully negotiated a joint venture agreement with your new business partner. Congratulations! But, To make sure the partnership is successful, it is important to understand how the joint venture will operate. This blog post will outline a joint venture agreement’s key components and provide tips on how to make the partnership run … Read more

Business Partnership Agreement | Our Guide to the Legalities and Particulars

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A business partnership agreement is a legal document that highlights information about financial reports, decision-making, business operations, and ownership stake. Before being endorsed, business partnership agreements are written and assessed by a legal counsel. The document is attached to other legal documents to limit liability to one or more partners. This article is for small business … Read more

6 Best Freight Factoring Companies Reviews in 2022 | Read Our Guide Before Hiring One!

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The process of selling invoices at a discount to a third party to raise capital is known as freight factoring. This can be a very useful option for companies that generate many invoices each month. The best freight factoring companies can provide you with the capital you require to expand your business while freeing up … Read more

Cost of Factoring | A Detailed Breakdown of All Expenses & Fees Involved

When it comes to running a business, you must consider numerous expenses. The cost of factoring is one of the most important. This is the cost of hiring a factor or someone who finances your business. It’s critical to comprehend this expense and ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.Several factors go into determining … Read more