BizFilings Review | A Trusted Registered Agent Service to Form Your Business

If you want to select a registered agent service for your LLC company, it can be confusing choosing one over the other. There are several registered agent services in the market which promise to offer you the best service to form an LLC.

One of the companies that have dominated the business formation field for a long time is Bizfilings. Bizfilings has been in operation since 1996, and it is owned by CT Corporation.

Even with the cut-throat competition in the best registered agent services field, Bizfilings has managed to stay relevant. If you wish to get a professional to handle the paperwork for you as you incorporate a business online, Bizfilings is an excellent choice. It is one of the registered agent services that you can trust to get the job done. Or you can take a look at another reputable service in our Swyft Filings review. On the other hand, if you want to put your trust in a service of a company that has been around much longer, check out the MyCorporation review, or our SunDoc Filings review.

So, what makes Bizfilings effective in its work? How has it managed to beat the competition for a long time? What unique features does it offer that makes it stand out? Here is a detailed Bizfilings review.

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Is Bizfilings LLC Formation Services Legit?

Yes, it is legit.

First, the registered agent service is owned by CT Corporation which has a good reputation and a good LLC formation package and features.

Its longevity in the market is also an indication of its legitimacy. 

Bizfilings Registered Agent Services

Bizfilings and other business formation companies provide registered agent services.

If you use the company to start your LLC, Bizfilings will offer you 6 months of free registered agent services. After the 6 months free trial expires, Bizfilings will charge you $174 per year.

Note, you cannot opt-out of their registered agent service. If you don't want to take their services, you should cancel before the six months free trial is over. You can also look into our Inc Authority reviews, to find out what services you can get for free!


BizFilings LLC Formation Packages and Features

Bizfilings registered agent service comes with three payment packages for LLC and corporation formations. These include the basic, standard, and complete packages.

The basic payment plan costs $99, while the standard and complete packages vary from one state to the next.

Each package plan comes with a list of features that are standard for the price. The features in the basic payment plan are also included in the higher-paid packages. The complete package features are also included in the standard and basic packages as add-ons but at an extra fee.

The basic package is more costly than similar packages from competing companies.

Let's look at each of the BizFilings pricing packages in detail:

Basic ($99)

The Bizfilings basic package costs $99 plus the state filing fees. It comes with the following features:

Name Check 

The first and most important step in LLC formation involves coming up with a business name. The name should be unique and not used by any other corporation in the state. To find out if the name is available, you should search the state business database.

If you use Bizfilings, it does all the hard work for you. The registered agent service will search the state's database to see if your preferred name is available and whether any other business has used it.

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Filing Articles of Organization

Bizfilings will prepare the business formation documents on your behalf. They will also submit them to the government to formally register your business.

Six Months of Registered Agent Service

Instead of using your personal mail address, Bizfilings uses their mail address. This prevents you from sharing personal information and also receiving junk mail.

If you wish to renew the 6 months of registered agent service, you can do so after the first 6 months for $164 per year.

Six Months BizComply Tool

Bizfilings offers an online compliance management tool. The tool comes in handy in reminding you when you have essential filing deadlines to beat, e.g., the annual reports.

The BizComply tool feature is available for the first 6 months. If you wish to renew the service beyond the six months, it is available at the registered agent service price.

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Standard Package

The Bizfilings standard package plan differs depending on the state of business formation. In most states, the payment plan goes for $229 including the state fee. In other states, the Bizfilings standard payment plan can go as low as $159, while in others, it costs as high as $124.

The standard package comes with all the features in the basic plan, plus:

LLC Kit and Seal

With the standard payment plan, Bizfilings LLC will offer you a binder with your business's name embossed on it. Additionally, you will receive a decorative seal customized with information about your company to stamp your LLC or incorporation documents.

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The LLC services package also comes with custom membership certificates for LLC or stock certificates if you want to start a corporation.

It also comes with a membership transfer ledger that will help you to keep track of your LLC membership. 

Expedited Processing

With the standard LLC formation services package, Bizfilings will expedite your business formation process over the basic package orders. This happens during the in-house phase of processing your business formation.

If you wish to expedite your state's business formation process, make sure you pay an expediting fee.

You will also get a CD with business templates that you can customize for your business. The customizable documents include resolutions, meeting minutes, and an operating agreement.


The Bizfilings complete package is ideal for business people who wish to form a corporation or an LLC and get an EIN and other features.

The Complete payment package varies in cost depending on the state you wish to form your LLC or corporation.

In some states, the package is priced at $199, but it can go up to $434. In most states, the Complete package will cost you $359 plus state fees.

The package includes all the features in the Standard package, plus:

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

When forming a corporation or a limited liability company, you need a Federal Tax Identification Number. The department of revenue in your state uses the EIN to identify your business for tax purposes.

BizFilings registered agent service will help you acquire your EIN, which you will use to pay business taxes, hire employees, open business bank accounts. Although you can also get your Employer Identification Number for free, BizFilings removes all the troubles.

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Certified Copy of Documents With Overnight Shipping

BizFilings registered agent service will help you get a certified copy of formation documents that are produced by the state.

The certified copy has several uses, including qualifying to operate a business in other states, executing bank activities, and replacing stolen or lost documents.

" Now That You Are Formed" Compliance DVD

The DVD is an instructions manual for forming your LLC.

State-Specific Features

The complete payment package can also come with additional features depending on the state you want to start your business.

For instance, in Washington, the package comes with a state tax ID form, an initial report, among others.

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BizFilings Customer Reviews

There are not many BizFilings reviews available. BizFilings has a solid customer base, but it seems they don't review the service.

Lack of reviews may not be objectively a bad thing. However, it is something to consider, especially because most of the competitors boast outstanding positive reviews.

BizFilings also offers incredible customer support, quite similar to Legal NatureThe service is available by phone, email, or Chat from 8 am-7 pm, Monday to Friday. 

Additionally, it has been BBB accredited since 1st November 1997.

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BizFilings Refund Policy

BizFilings Online LLC formation services charge processing fees for refunds. The BizFilings fees include a $50 processing fee if you request before they commence work on your corporation or LLC.

If you have completed the preliminary name availability check, the processing fee increases to $75.

BizFilings Process 

If you incorporate online using BizFilings, the process will take five steps. You can check your order's status on the Online Status Center, or you can receive an email from BizFilings on every step.

The process involves:

  • Quality check: Bizfilings ensures that the information you provide during the order process is correct and meets the state requirements. They'll contact you if there are any issues
  • Name Check: BizFilings will check if your desired name is available in your state. The state approves the business names
  • Documents filed: the registered agent service will file the documents to the state agency. The approval time can vary from state to state, but it takes an average of 10 business days. Once the documents are approved, they are available on the Online Status Center
  • Documents delivered: BizFilings will then ship a complete package of documents and materials to you. Apart from the incorporation documents, the package will also include company form templates. The templates are specific to your business, and they help you to comply with on-going formalities
  • Post-incorporation and on-going support: after the incorporation, you can formalize your business by issuing ownership certificates or holding the initial meetings.
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If you wish to for an LLC or corporation, BizFilings is an excellent registered agent service to consider. BizFilings takes you through the whole process from quality check to post-incorporation and also offers on-going support. 

BizFilings also offers you various payment plans. You can choose one based on the features you want and your budget. The features in the higher-end packages are also available in the lower-end packages but at an additional fee.

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