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When you want to start a limited liability company, most states will require you to have a registered agent. A registered agent acts as the intermediary between your business and the government. The registered agent is responsible for receiving legal documents, lawsuits, and tax documents on behalf of the government.

However, there is no shortage of registered agent services in the market. As such, you need to make sure you end up with the registered agent service that offers the best value for your company. The reliable registered agent should ensure you never miss any mail or legal obligations and should also maintain privacy.

So, do you want to get the best-registered agent service for your business but aren't sure which one to choose? Here is a detailed review of top registered services.

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  • Incredible prices for registered agent services
  • Solid customer support
  • Outstanding reviews from customers
  • Thousands of positive reviews
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Incredible customer volume
  • Positive customer reviews
  • The membership subscription is a unique feature

Is a Registered Agent Service Worth It? 

If you don't have a registered agent service backing you up, it means you'll have to keep track of all legal obligations yourself and sort your mail.

Alternatively, you can get a registered agent at a fee per year to help you receive all the lawsuits and other legal obligations, saving you a lot of time. As such, you can use the time to focus on other areas of growing your business.

Therefore, it is worth having a registered agent for the service of the process.

What is the Best Registered Agent Service?

Different registered agent companies offer unique features. As such, you should choose the one that offers the best value for your business. You can also choose one that offers all the services you are looking for.

If you wish to designate the best LLC formation service for your company, here are top agent service providers to consider:

Best Registered Agent Service Reviews

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1. ZenBusiness

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ZenBusiness is one of the best registered agent services that you can choose.

This best-registered agent service has been in operation since 2018, which means it doesn't have a long track record as other companies such as Northwest Registered Agent.

However, despite being new in the market, it's considered one of the most reliable registered agents due to its incredible customer feedback. You'll get thousands of reviews about the company, and almost all of them are positive.

Apart from being affordable, ZenBusiness is popular due to its easy-to-use services. Customers talk of how the agent service has saved them money and how easy it is to use the services.

In terms of payment, ZenBusiness has three payment plans which include a starter pack billed annually at $49 plus state filing fees. The plan includes a business filing service, operating agreement, and registered agent.

You also have a Pro plan that goes for $199 annually plus the state filing fees. The package includes Employer Id Number (EIN), expedite filing service, and Worry-Free Compliance.

Finally, you have a premium payment plan. The plan's top features include Domain Name, Rush Filing Service, and Business Website and Email.

The simple ZenBusiness formation service includes:

First, you need to select your preferred package that fits the needs you are looking for. Next, the ZenBusiness team will collect and file all the documents with the state. The state will proceed to confirm your business which can take a few days.

In the next step, ZenBusiness will deliver your business documents in your personalized dashboard. The documents will include the business formation certificate and EIN.

The registered agent will also offer on-going services to ensure the business is compliant with all state requirements to ensure your brand has a good standing.


  • Incredible prices for registered agent services
  • Solid customer support
  • Outstanding reviews from customers
  • Personalized dashboard for your documents


  • Short track record

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2. IncFile


IncFile is a reliable registered agent service that is popular due to offering high-quality services at a reduced price. This affordable registered agent services also receive great customer reviews for its incredible services.

They offer various business formation service packages that include registered agent services for the whole year, custom document features, and business contract templates.

When looking for registered agent services, the annual renewal fee is an essential factor to consider. The annual renewal fees make IncFile one of the best LLC formation services you can get.

One significant downside of IncFile is that it comes with many add-on features and upsells that cost a lot. Many people would prefer an all-inclusive package with no hidden or extra charges.

When setting up your business using IncFile, you should begin by choosing the most appropriate payment plan that’s suitable for you. The company offers three payment plans, including the silver payment plan, which is free, plus the state filing fees for the articles of the organization. The gold plan goes for $149, while the platinum package will cost you $299.

You'll then start the IncFile entity formation service, where you should provide basic information such as your name, phone, email address, and mailing address.

The formation process can take up to 5 days before the state can approve your documents. However, you can go for the expedited option that takes one business day and cost you an extra $50.

You should also provide other details regarding the business you wish to register. These will include the business type, company name, purpose of business, name of owners, and business address.

IncFile offers numerous add-ons, including a free Bank of America business account, free tax consultation, etc.


  • Thousands of positive reviews
  • Lifetime customer support
  • With formation purchase, you get 12 months of free registered agent services
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Add-ons and upsells with extra costs

[Best for the Membership Subscription]

3. Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer has been in operation since 2008, making the company one of the most experienced registered agent service providers in the market.

They enjoy a large volume of customers and incredible customer reviews. You also have the option of having a live chat with a lawyer online.

Their registered agent services go for $149.99. However, you can choose to subscribe to their premium membership which goes for $39.99 a month. The member subscription includes a free formation service and a 25% discount on the registered agent service fee.

If you require registered services for your business, Rocket Lawyer may not be the best option for you. However, it comes with incredible features ideal for specific types of business.


  • Incredible customer volume
  • Positive customer reviews
  • The membership subscription is a unique feature


  • Doesn't include registered agent service with its formation packages
  • The high cost of registered agent services
business in the right way

Northwest Registered Agent stands out from the rest due to its incredible track record. The Northwest Registered Agent company has been in operation for the last 20 years by offering the best services.

Their longevity in the field has also refined their skills and how they deal with business.

Although Northwest Registered Agents charge more for their services, they have considerable experience in the market that adds more value to their company. They are also known for their outstanding customer service, and a no upsells policy which ensures their customers are happy.

If you are looking for a company for your corporation, Northwest Registered Agent may be a little expensive for you. However, although their prices are high, they also offer incredible discounts.

What's more?

The company also stands out as all your documents are locally scanned. Other companies will only scan the documents they are required to scan by the government. 


  • Incredible discounts that bring down the prices
  • Any formation will come with a 12 months free registered agent
  • The company scans all the documents locally
  • Volume discounts


  • Expensive LLC formation and incorporations

Harbor Compliance is also an excellent choice when looking for a registered agent service for your corporation. One feature you are sure to love about this registered agent service is the intuitive and appealing dashboard.

The company is also popular for its solid customer support.

If you choose Harbour Compliance when you want to form a business, they allow you to relax since they have everything covered; including your company formation requirements, registration of the company, and renewals.

It is also effortless and straightforward to choose the company as a registered agent service.

They save you the hassle of combing through government websites looking for various forms for your business registration. They have a database of nationwide requirements that saves you a lot of business hours.

Additionally, their advanced software enables you to track due dates, access corporate records, assign tasks, and receive registered agent forms from one source.

The company also has compliance specialists with a robust working relationship with the government agencies and industry expertise that assure you of returns on investment.

Throw in the fact that the company has flexible discounts that help you save a lot. If you pay upfront for multiple years, the company offers you an irresistible discount. You also get a discount if you pay for service in different states.

Some of the company highlights include:

  • They scan and deliver your documents the same day
  • Their website is protected by Norton and Trustwave
  • The company has served over 10,000 customers since 2012
  • Free compliance guides and whitepapers


  • Incredible discounts if you pay upfront for multiple years or in different states
  • Compliance experts make your investment worth it
  • A database of nationwide requirements that saves you the trouble of combing through several websites
  • Same-day scanning and delivering of documents


  • Some of their services, such as foreign qualification and incorporation, are costly

If you wish to get a less expensive registered agent service, InCorp may be your best choice. Paying for a one-year registered agent service will cost you $99. However, if you order the service for five years, you'll pay $66 per year, saving you $160.

Additionally, if there are any transfer fees involved, the company will cover them. 

Why should you trust InCorp?

The company has been in operation and an industry leader since 1998. They boast of having served over 250,000 customers, and they have incredible customer reviews.

You can trust InCorp to offer you registered agent services. Besides being a registered agent service, InCorp also offers other business formation and compliance services.

Other companies offer business formation and compliance as their main focus and registered agent as the other service. On the other hand, InCorp offers registered agents as the main focus and business formation as other services. As such, it may be your best option when you want the best-registered agent services.


  • It is a popular nationwide registered agent service provider with more than 250,000 active customers
  • If you get the services at a lower price, Incorp will match them
  • They offer you discounts if you commit for five years
  • It offers registered agent services as its main focus


  • Some parts of their website are not well laid out.

If you want a registered agent service with an excellent customer guarantee, LegalZoom is the best choice for you. The company has a 100% customer guarantee. If you have any reason to ask for a refund, you have 60 days to make your request, and they'll refund your fee.

The company boasts a solid customer volume, it is well-known as one of the best-registered agent services providers. If you choose LegalZoom as your registered agent service, you work with a company with the best legal industry experience.

You will have an attorney to hold your hand every step of the way. The network of attorneys will offer you the necessary guidance, and there are no office visits or hourly charges.

The most significant downside with LegalZoom is its pricing. For instance, a stand-alone registered agent service goes for $299. If they add the registered agent service to a formation plan, you pay $159. The company is one of the most expensive in offering registered agent services. The company doesn't include registered agent services in any of its formation packages.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Experience in the legal fields
  • You get an attorney to hold your hand at every step of the way
  • The company is well-known and has a solid customer


  • More expensive than other competitors

How Do I Choose the Best Registered Agent Services? 

Before you can settle on a registered agent, there are some factors that you should consider. These include:

Go for a Professional 

When you are looking for a registered agent, you can also appoint an LLC member as one. Several people go for staffers or officers as their choice.

While there is no problem with the choice, it may create challenges in the future. What happens if the person you chose as your registered agent is not available? You might find yourself missing a lot.

For instance, there may be a notice of a lawsuit against your company. If the lawsuit doesn't get to you in time, you may get a judgment made against you in your absence.

Therefore, it will be best to go for a registered professional agent to ensure everything is done as it should and at the right time.

Consider the Value and Price 

Price is an essential factor to consider while choosing the best-registered agent service. Whether you pay more or less, the choice should depend on the value you are getting for the money.

It will help if you can get a registered agent that will offer the best services at a reduced price. However, it will also be sensible to pay more for a service that uses state-of-the-art software and offers reliable services.

Choose a Nationwide Provider 

You should reappoint your registered agent each year by renewing the service. If you don't renew the service, you will not have a good standing with the secretary of state.

This can affect your brand's reputation and minimize your chances of getting a loan, among other benefits.

If your LLC operates in different states, you can choose to have a registered agent for every state you operate in. That means you'll have more paperwork which can increase the chances of not renewing the service.

Thus, it will be best to go for a nationwide provider who operates in the different states where you have limited liability companies. When you renew the service, it represents all the states.

Check the Service Levels 

Before you can settle on a service, ensure they can handle the services you want.

Do they electronically upload the documents the same day without extra charges? Does the agent handle all the paperwork regarding renewing the service, including preparing all the files?

The agent service should also have a team to guide you if you require any assistance or have any questions.

The registered agent should also have reliable software that should ensure timely transmission of documents depending on your format choice.


If you want to designate a registered agent service for your LLC, you should ensure you get the best value for your money. It will help if you get a reliable agent service at a reduced price. It will also help if you get a registered agent service that offers nationwide coverage. You can pick any of the registered agent services above for your business formation.