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We provide in depth tips on how to start a business, validate your businesses, and grow your business. From incorporating your company, to pivoting your company, to scaling up operations - this website is for anyone looking for real advice from entrepreneurs with a variety of experiences.


Many of our contributors have a strong background in marketing, with SEO being a core focus. We'll provide real posts and videos on how you can improve your business. We'll recommend awesome tools and methods to improve your marketing efforts.


We've hired and worked with a number of people. From managing software teams to sales teams, to marketing teams. We'll help you out with improving your team's productivity and developing a great culture -whether they're in the same country or they are  a team of overseas workers.


The Creation of a Successful Business Starts With a Brilliant Idea

While this may be true, it's never enough alone. Take time to validate your ideas and run the numbers. We take a structured approach to starting and growing businesses to maximize your chances of success. If your idea is good but you don' have customers then your business won't see results.

With most of our contributors being strong marketers, we have a strong emphasis on providing strategies and tools - such as best free accounting software for small businesses - to help you grow your business.

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Entrepreneurs are doers

It's true, the most important thing to start a business... is actually starting a business - duh! This seems obvious but many entrepreneurs get analysis paralysis and get overwhelmed by all the things that accompanies entrepreneurship. Don't be afraid to start, but leveraging other's experience can save you years of mistakes and thousands of dollars. Balance is everything so make sure you do the work and "study" as you go along.

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Joe Arias - CEO, Joe Homes

As an entrepreneurial I have to say progress is not linear, it goes up and down, but working with Colin will make your progress go through the roof. SEO is the way to go, and Colin can get you where you want to be. Thank you for your hard work and for caring.

Chris Channey, Founder, Channey Holdings

"...I’m writing to tell you about what I really got from Colin. He was always there for me to answer any questions. One of the first things we did was a lengthy training video chat which Colin recorded for me so I could turn back to it for future use. Colin gave me much more support, valuable support, that was originally agreed to in the purchase agreement.

Colin went above and beyond what he was obligated to do, which makes him the type of business man I want to work with. This I why I would take the time to confidently write a review like this. I want to help other business owners, and if you are looking for a great website operator, Colin Ma is your man."

David Christian, Founder Foam Core Print

I have to say originally I was almost dead set on not hiring SEO help at all. At the point I was at I had gone through 3 or 4 bad SEO experiences (over a year). I started learning on my own and doing my own SEO work, getting a lot better results than anyone I ever had paid. I actually met Colin randomly on Thumbtack an app for services requests about 3 years ago.

I was only interested in purchasing links wholesale for off page link building (Backlinks). At this point have a history of do my own work on my sites and to make a long story short...After meeting with Colin and going over the  analysis, he recommended some small changes we could easily do and got fast, near instant results! Since then Ive trusted the direction he thinks we should go. 

I like how transparent he is with all the documentation of work tasks being thought about, worked on, and getting to. The tools he uses are great Trello and Google shared doc are very helpful for tracking tasks were we are in the process... I've used a lot of diff SEO guys and by far the best, most honest and affordable guy I've used and will continue to use. Ive never been happier with the results I've gotten for the pricing! The most important thing is getting good quality work and that is never a question with Colin. He is highly recommended in my book! 

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